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Product Overview








L-R - Hollow Core, Particle Core, Particle Core (Lead Lined), Agfiber Core, Stave Core, Structural Composite Lumber (SCL) Core, Mineral Core. Hover over images for Series number. See Base Construction Specifications under the Product tab for detailed description.

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Architectural/Commercial Doors

Lynden Door, Inc. produces Architectural (LD) Series and Commercial (CD) Series doors. These robust wood flush doors incorporate a complete bonded core assembly: the stiles and rails are securely bonded to the core, and then sanded as a complete assembly prior to the application of face veneers.

"Architectural doors per WDMA I.S. 1-A"

LD Architectural Series doors are manufactured to meet or exceed WDMA I.S. 1-A and AWS Standards, Custom Grade and if specified, Premium Grade. The LD series warranty covers interior doors for the life of the original installation.

CD Commercial Series doors are designed for nonresidential applications meeting specific standards of construction. CD Series doors meet WDMA extra heavy duty standards and may be used in applications requiring higher standards than residential; experiencing high traffic; requiring large sizes; heightened security; sound attenuation; and a variety of hardware needs. Bonded sanded cores. 5-year limited warranty.

IC Interior Construction Series: Doors designed for all applications where an architectural door (LD Series) would typically be specified, but where the application is less rigorous than the architectural standard in some regards, and where, therefore, some stipulated exceptions to the LD standard are permissible. Bonded sanded cores. 5-year limited warranty on interior doors.

Residential Doors

Lynden Door produces residential door products, built on our Standard Construction (SD) Series chassis, within the following parameters:

  • Standard 1-3/8" & 1-3/4", as well as custom thickness
  • All popular sizes, in common heights up to 8'
  • Interior passage & bifold. (Doors may also be blocked for any sort of sliding door hardware.)
  • Hollow core, loose lay solid core, fire rated solid core for 20/45/60 and 90 minute labels -- most Residential doors fall in the 20 minute category
  • Raw, factory primed, painted or pre-finished hardboard. Embossed* & smooth skin models (*prefinished only.)
  • Veneer doors, including ClearLine, StileLine and Rediscovery Collection
  • Molded high density fiberboard doors in both textured and smooth skin models
  • Laminate doors
  • Factory glazing, machining, applied molding
  • GreenDor environmental attributes, as available

NOTE: All veneer doors have a standard mill option softwood stile. Hardboard & Prefinished utilize fiberboard or, on request, fingerjoint. See Base Construction Specifications under the Product tab for detailed description.

L-R, top to bottom - Veneer/Hardboard/Prefinished Hollow Core, Molded Hollow Core, Veneer/Hardboard/Prefinished Particle Core, Molded Particle Core, Veneer/Hardboard/Prefinished Stave Core, Veneer/Hardboard/Prefinished Mineral Core, Bifold Veneer/Hardboard/Prefinished Hollow Core, Bifold Molded Particle Core.


LD, CD, IC, SD Series - Subject to availabity on an item-by-item basis, the following products and services are available across all Series:

Fire rated doors up to 90 minutes in compliance with either neutral or positive pressure testing are available.

Sound Transmission Class (STC) rated doors.

Our skilled technicians provide complete factory machining for hardware, vision lites and applied moldings. Our transparent factory finishes are environmentally sound TR-6 UV cured urethane, containing no formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds (VOC's). These finishes provide a beautiful low maintenance finish designed to last the lifetime of the door. We also offer stain and non-metal marring painted finishes to match custom colors.

Significant LEED Opportunities

Lynden Door is an experienced manufacturer of doors for green building (with potential contributions to LEED) plus, our Lynden, WA facility is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Chain of Custody certified. Our green attributes are organized under the proprietary Lynden Door, Inc. name, GreenDorTM.


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