Designer Comments

What may be the closest thing to a "can't go wrong" decor, this is a standard in North America. Complements without overpowering. Consider painting in a muted contrast color to add some personality. Side note: This pattern is referred to in many regions as a "Cross & Bible" motif; named for the Christian cross (upper) and open bible (lower) suggested visually by the placement of the panels.

Cameron (Commercial Colonist)

style: Commercial molded door (7' H / 10" bottom rail)


Enjoy the traditional look of the genuine, authentic Cameron. Precision craftsmanship, backed by a quarter century of market leadership, distinguishes Cameron from imitations. Smooth finish.

Molded high density fiberboard. Resists shrinking, swelling, cracking, and joint separation.

10″ high bottom rail meets most disability access requirements.

Wide top and bottom rails allow trimming of up to 1″ on each end.

Custom factory machining and painting available.

Available as hollow or solid core, 1-3/8″ and 20-minute rated/non-rated 1-3/4″.