Designer Comments

What may be the closest thing to a "can't go wrong" decor, this is a standard in North America. Complements without overpowering. Consider painting in a muted contrast color to add some personality. Side note: This pattern is referred to in many regions as a "Cross & Bible" motif; named for the Christian cross (upper) and open bible (lower) suggested visually by the placement of the panels.

Cameron (Commercial Colonist)

style: Commercial molded door (7' H / 10" bottom rail)


Enjoy the traditional look of the genuine, authentic Cameron.

Precision craftsmanship, backed by a quarter century of market leadership, distinguishes Cameron from imitations. Smooth finish.

Made from molded high density fiberboard. Resists shrinking, swelling, cracking, and joint separation.

Available in standard 3’ x 6’8″ and 3’ x 7’.

Both heights available as ADA compliant

Engineered wood design outperforms wood doors while offering superior value.

Door facings contain No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF)*

*Third-party certified for the period (Scientific Certification System)