GreenDor® is Lynden Door's proprietary collection of green building features. As an interior door manufacturer, Lynden Door expresses environmental responsibility through the following disciplines, applied to/available in our products:

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Recycled Content
  • Contribution to Environmental Standards

Please see PDF data sheet links, below.


  1. Dedicated on-staff engineer. Responsible for LEED and FSC® compliance. Our go-to for your questions and our representative in our ongoing effort to keep up with changes in the regulatory and scientific worlds. Purchasing and Sales play key roles here too.
  2. LEED and LEED for Homes contributions. Our keenest efforts go into making sure we offer the best and most complete LEED contributing products and product options, ongoing.
  3. Versatility and price sensitivity. Lynden Door exists in the real world of competition and understands that our customers do too. We strive to keep prices down on green options, but more than that:
    • work with suppliers and inventory management to permanently embed green materials into our base offering and eliminate upcharges
    • offer a wide selection of green options so that customers can "dial-in" their door to the specifications and budgetary restrictions of a given project:GREENDOR ATTRIBUTES available at LDI: recycle content in door facings on molded doors, bamboo doorskins, reconstituted veneer doorskins, low VOC and NO VOC finishes, agfiber solid cores, FSC® certified cores, NAUF cores and FSC®N cores (combining FSC®and Nauf). Ask your LDI rep about core/skin/internal stile & rail products that may qualify for Regionally Manufactured and Regionally Recovered status.
  4. Willingness to work with your design team. We are small enough to be nimble and see it as one of our strengths to be able to customize to meet a need. Ask us.
  5. See us at Greenbuild. We've been a regular attendee, presenting our products and learning about what is available to us as manufacturers.

The Underlying Value of Wood

Lynden Door's environmental position is predicated on the understanding that wood products have inherent properties that, based on responsible forest management and efficient production processes that maximize wood fiber, are green because of the fundamental sustainability of wood. Additionally, wood products go from the forest floor to the consumer with less energy consumed-per-unit than many alternatives - such as aluminum, steel and plastic. Wood products lock in carbon and during their typically long and useful lives they prevent this carbon from escaping into the atmosphere, thus supporting the suppression of greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere. Forests, carefully and proactively tended to promote health and regeneration are the single most powerful agents of clean air. We believe the use of wood fiber increases societal awareness of the need for healthy and abundant forestland, thus helping to prevent depletion caused by unrestricted agricultural deforestation or urban sprawl.

Wood, as a part of the natural world, shares a unique place in the human experience and this kinship is part of the reason why it is so highly valued as the material of choice for an incredible range of items.  Including doors.


As environmental stewards in the competitive economy, we see demand as the greatest force for good. Demand for no added urea formaldehyde glues (NAUF) and binders and no VOC finishing; demand for secure, legal and abundant wood species and high performance forest management and the use of rapidly renewable resources; demand for higher recycled contents; demand for third-party certification and accreditation.

"Chain of Custody Certified for FSC® . . ."


Lynden Door, Inc. FSC® Chain of Custody license code: FSC-C103189

Our product line is responsive to the green programs and materials active in the marketplace. But more than simply responding to demand, we are engaged as product designers and innovators to bring to market doors that can promote intelligent environmental choices. We do this within the context of producing competitively priced, attractive goods with fast lead times and excellent performance characteristics.

The following links are available:

  • An explanatory note Re: LEED® Certified Wood Credit in the United States (USGBC Accredited FSC® CoC Certifiers)
  • A table expressing the relative costs of various GreenDor® attributes (GREENDOR Cost Comparison)
  • A copy of the Certificate for the No Added Urea Formaldehyde content of door facings in Lynden Door molded panel doors (Molded Facings NAUF Cert 2013)
  • Environmental options for molded residential doors (Molded GreenDor Brochure Web)
  • Lynden Door product placement in projects named to the AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Projects 2011 (AIA COTE Top Green Proj 2011)
  • Possible LEED contributions for US Commercial Interiors (LEED CI 2009)
  • Possible LEED contributions for US Core and Shell Development (LEED CS 2009)
  • Possible LEED contributions for US New Construction & Major Renovations  (LEED NC 2009)
  • Possible LEED contributions for US Schools (LEED SCHOOLS  2009)
  • Possible LEED contributions for CDN Commercial Interiors (LEED CANADA CI V12009)
  • Possible LEED contributions for CDN Core and Shell Development (LEED CANADA CS 2009)
  • Possible LEED contributions for CDN New Construction & Major Renovations  (LEED CANADA NC 2009)

Please NOTE: Not every Lynden Door door is available in FSC®. Please contact us about FSC® availability for the specific product(s) you require.