ClearLine* Residential Factory Finished Natural Veneer Doors - "A Brilliant Choice"

ClearLine. Built on the Lynden Door Residential (SD) door chassis, these affordable, beautiful doors offer simple design, rugged durability and a brilliant clear coat finish that releases NO VOCs into the home environment. ClearLine features

Rotary White Maple ~ Uniform Light Birch ~ Rotary Natural Birch ~ Plain Sliced Red Oak ~

Quarter Sliced Saple ~ "Rhytmus" Quarter Sliced Jatoba ~ "Tableau" Quarter Sliced Walnut

natural wood veneers, enhanced with an architectural grade UV cured transparent urethane finish. These doors - composed using elements from Residential, Commercial & Architectural sectors - are priced to compete aggressively as a group in the residential marketplace. (There is some individual variation in cost based on the species chosen. Rhytmus and Tableau models are special order Commercial grade skins.) Click on images to enlarge.

       A        B        C        D
       E        F        G  

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Hardwood Veneer
Hardness *
A - Rotary White Maple 1450
B - Uniform Light Birch 1260
C - Rotary Natural Birch 1260
D - Plain Sliced Red Oak 1290
E - Quater Sliced Sapele 1510
F - "Rhytmus" QS Jatoba 2350
G - "Tableau" QS Walnut 1010

*Lbs./sq. in. required to sink a steel ball into a wood surface. NOTE: While Janka Hardness measurements are not definitive for veneer applied to a composite substrate as used in ClearLine doors, these ratings do offer an indication of relative hardness and therefore, durability. We provide the ratings as validation that ClearLine doors are equipped with an appropriate veneer for typical interior use. Grading standards coincide with HPVA Custom "A" grade veneer aesthetics. Please consult the factory concerning horizontal grain PAIR-MATCHED sets.

  • Hollow or solid core in a wide range of 6'8",7'0", & 8'0" sizes, including bifolds.
  • 1-3/8" or 1-3/4"
  • Softwood edge stiles or matching edges (optional)
  • Any veneer door sold by Lynden Door may be factory finished on our state of the art Ultra Violet light cured transparent finish line.

Click HERE for the PDF of the above.

Please see the attached technical data comparison sheet for detailed information on Lynden Door UV cured transparent urethane finish performance characteristics and other clear finishes.

"ClearLine looks great with my painted millwork and trim!" - Homeowner

"ClearLine met our budget and simplified job site logistics - doors arrived ready to install." - Builder

"ClearLine's hardwood veneers and hard shell clear coat finish stood up to job site traffic." - Developer

*ClearLine is the name given to the above collection of residential natural veneer flush doors that have been factory finished with Lynden Door UV cured transparent urethane finish. The transparent finish itself, may also be referred to in the field as ClearLine, but our intention is to reserve "ClearLine" to mean this collection of residential natural veneer doors with the UV cured transparent urethane finish.