Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Lynden Door can fulfill many different interior door custom designs by combining attributes and options from across our blended offering of Residential, Commercial and Architectural doors.

Sapele Maple StileLine w Radius Detail     StileLine Black Walnut

Reconstituted Ebony    

L-R, top to bottom - Horizontal Maple with Sapele Stiles and Radius Detail, White Ash with Recessed Panel and Porthole, Reconstituted Ebony, StileLine Black Walnut, Sapele with Maple Inlay


Series: Standard (SD), Commercial (CD), Architectural (LD), Interior Commercial (ID)

Facings (Door Skins): Molded High Density Fiberboard, Natural Wood Veneers, Reconstituted Wood Veneers*, High Pressure Decorative Laminates, Factory Finished Hardboards

Veneer Species: Domestic, Import, Hardwood, Softwood, Bamboo

Veneer Cut: Flat, Quarter, Rift, Comb Grain (limited availability), Rotary

Veneer Match: Book, Slip, Random, Balance, Center, Running, Pair, Mirror & End (transom doors only.) NOTE: Please consult the factory concerning horizontal grain PAIR-MATCHED sets.

Veneer Lay Up: Vertical, Horizontal, Sketchface (opposing grains), Diagonal (special request)

Cores: Hollow, Wood Particleboard, Profiled Molded Solid, FSC® Certified Wood Particleboard, Agfiber Particleboard, Structural Composite Lumer (SCL), Stave Lumber, Mineral

Edges: 1-3/8", 1-3/4", Custom Thickness, Solid Wood, Veneered, High Pressure Decorative Laminate

Factory Machining: up to all six sides on request

Factory Finishing: Factory Applied Primer; Factory Applied Paint; Pacific Collection of Pre-set Premium Finishes (seven, each) for Natural Birch, Red Oak and White Maple; Custom Stain; UV Cured Transparent Urethane Clear Coat

Vision Lites, Lead Lining and Applied Moldings: on request

Fire Rating: Positve Pressure, Neutral Pressure, 20-45-60-90 Minute

GreenDor Attributes: LEED: MR4.1&2 Recycled Content, MR5.1&2 Regional, MR6 Rapidly Renewable, MR7 Certified, EQ4.4 Low Emitting; FSC® Certified; No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF); No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Micellaneous: LSL Blocking, Matching Rails, Wicket Blocking, Sealing, Transom Panels, Dutch Doors, Shelves

Availability: Please check for availability of all attributes and options. Some items/processes are not applicable to the entire product offering.

*Please see the Rediscovery Collection page for a detailed description of the species and varieties of reconstituted veneers available