Interior Commercial Doors (IC)

Interior Commercial (IC) Series

IC Series: Doors designed for all applications where an architectural door (LD Series) would typically be specified, but where the application is less rigorous than the architectural standard in some regards, and where, therefore, some stipulated exceptions to the LD standard are permissible. Bonded sanded cores. 5-year limited warranty on interior doors. 
Lynden Door's expertise in the manufacture of Residential (SD Series) doors makes the incorporation of SD materials into an LD "chassis" a excellent choice in select circumstances. In all cases, care must be taken to ensure that the full LD Series doors are not better suited. In no case should an IC Series be substituted for a specification calling for an architectural door. (See LD Series section.)  
Significant cost savings are available for the IC Series.


Specific door configurations within the IC Series include the IC200 (non-rated or 20-minute rated), IC2000 (non-rated or 20-minute rated), IC6000 (60-min rated) and IC 9000 (90-minute rated). Please see detailed PDF spec sheets below. IC Series doors are recommended for a wide range of commercial applications and incorporate a true bonded sanded core assembly exceeding WDMA heavy duty performance standards. Factory clear natural or custom stain finish available upon request.

SPECIFICATIONS Please see PDF links below.

MAXIMUM SIZE          


      Single doors                                                                            4’0" x 8’0"

      Regular and Double Egress Paired doors                           8’0" x 8’0"

20-minute rated (see PDFs for 60 and 90-minute details)

       Single doors                                                                           4’0" x 8’0"

       Maximum size door/transom                                               4’0" x 8’0"

       Paired Doors: Dependent on specified hardware           8’0" x 8’0"


1-3/4" (non-rated or 20-minute rated)  Note: 1-3/8" (non rated) available upon request


Minimum 1-1/4" (before trim) structural composite lumber (SCL) with hardwood veneer outer edge (compatible with face veneer)  Wider stile width available upon request.


Mill option SCL Minimum 2" top rail (before trim) 7’0 door height supplied with 6" bottom rail 8'0" door height supplied with 14" bottom rail.


LD1 particleboard core (28 to 32 lbs. density ) with SCL stiles and rails are securely bonded to the core and sanded as a complete assembly prior to the application of face veneers. Note: LD-2 available upon request.


Species available in Rotary Natural Birch, Rotary Uniform Lite Birch, and Plain Sliced Red Oak hardwood veneers. Note: Grading standards coincide with HPVA Custom "A" grade veneer aesthetics.


Type 1 PVA waterproof adhesive


Clear Natural - Exceeds TR-6 & AWI UV Cured Specifications


Complete range of machining capabilities and detailing available. Rated doors must be in accordance with Warnock Hersey International, Inc. and National Fire Protection Association Standards, (NFPA 80, latest edition). Lynden Door, Inc. recommends factory prefitting of all fire doors.


Cut-out area may not exceed 40% of the face of the door or half the height of the door to comply with the warranty. For 20 minute rated doors, the total visible area of single or multiple lights may not exceed 1296 sq. in. per leaf, with a maximum width of 36" or a maximum height of 54". All cutouts must be a minimum of 6" from the edge of the door or any other cutouts and/or hardware preps. Louvers are not allowed in 20 minute doors.


5-year on original installation, for interior use only. Excludes allowances or compensation for reinstallation. Use of IC series doors for exterior applications is not recommended or warranted.


  • Positive Pressure Category B construction standard, Category A available upon request.
  • Fire doors tested and evaluated to the following standards: NFPA-252-95, UL-10C-08 & UBC-7-2-97