Take advantage of the beauty and convenience of factory stained or painted doors

Colonist textured doors are available in two factory applied colors (Mesa and Natural) in smooth or textured, providing quick, easy installation and low maintenance. Factory applied finishes offer superior quality, durability and streamline job site scheduling. Plus, no harmful VOCs are released in your family's home!

  • Made from molded high density fiberboard. Resists shrinking, swelling, cracking, and joint separation
  • Available in standard 6'8" passage and bifold sizes
  • Engineered wood design outperforms wood doors while offering superior value
  • Door facings contain No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF)*

*Third-party certified for the period (Scientific Certification Systems)

Designer Comments: Achieve a rustic look at a fraction of the cost of stile & rail doors and NONE of the performance issues. Breathes life into homes with western or "great outdoors" feel.  (And won't suffocate your budget!) Two stains to choose from: Natural & Mesa. Hover your cursor over the images to identify the stain. Sidenote:  This pattern is referred to in many regions as a "Cross & Bible" motif; named for the Christian cross (upper) and open bible (lower) suggested visually by the placement of the panels.