Office, Tenant Improvement & Retail

Tenant improvements and new construction can come with exacting specifications or a chameleon-like need to adapt, both options Lynden Door fully understands.

Working Toward Needs

A small-scale specialty office may have interior door requirements that showcase a specific design ethos critical to imparting on customers. Constant tenant improvements to a traditional office building may require a durable interior door to last several tenants—and several repainting efforts to match the new tenants. And an office high-rise may have sustainability or fire rating needs specific to a project brief laid out by a developer. Lynden Door stands ready to meet those needs and more with a variety of doors to convey specific design character, handle longevity or meet specific manufacturing performance requirements.

Office & Tenant Projects

Your Office & Tenant project has specific needs, both functionally and architecturally. At Lynden Door we manufacture to every one of those needs. No matter the solution right for your project, we design and build doors to enhance the value of your project.

Our expertise in engineering solutions for specific markets and projects has allowed us the privilege of designing doors for an array of projects around the world while learning new ways to meet the next building challenge. Explore examples of our abilities and discover ideas showing how Lynden Door can bring your project the right solution.


Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)

Platinum has a polished sound to it. But at Mountain Equipment Co-op’s new headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, platinum looks a little more rugged.

The Latest Door Innovation

Lynden Door serves as a leader in interior wood door innovation, on the forefront of new manufacturing processes, materials and design to engineer value through ingenuity

Choose the door for your building

The power of understanding every market segment enables Lynden Door to manufacture for your need. From a downtown office tower, suburban office park, to your favorite local restaurant, we have your solution.

Make your building Sustainable

Lynden Door understands the value of sustainable building, a process we’ve engineered in from the beginning design, whether the way we source wood, manufacture doors or finish the doors to a variety of specifications