Technical specifications. Design drawings. Fire ratings. Sustainability scores. The elements that join to create a Lynden Door have a purpose. Learn that purpose here.

Sound Transmission Class

Lynden Door offers a full suite of sound rated doors to meet the demands of ever changing built environment in high-sound impact areas. Lynden Door’s STC rated acoustical doors are found in a number of residential and commercial structures where sound insulation or noise emission reduction programs are in place. Typical sound door applications are found in residential communities and businesses in close proximity to airport runways, apartments, schools and hospitals.

Doors are constructed using a proprietary acoustical core combined with Architectural “A” grade wood veneer door faces, paint grade MDO and Hardboard. Lynden Door acoustical rated doors meet:

STC 35 E90-04 – Operable
STC 38 E90-04 – Operable
STC 40 ASTM E90-04 – Operable
STC 41 ASTM E90-04 – Operable
STC 42 ASTM E90-04 – Operable
STC 45 ASTM E90-04 – Operable
STC 46 ASTM E90-04 – Operable