Factory Finishing & Painting

Why Choose Lynden Door Factory Finishing & Painting?

  1. Factory finishes provide reliable quality because of our automated finish line where temperature, light, dust and other contaminants are strictly controlled.
  2. Factory finishes consistently outperform field finishes in terms of color uniformity, clarity, mositure sealing characteristics and durability.
  3. All things considered, a factory finish may actually be less costly than inferior field applied coatings.
  4. Factory finishing eases job site congestion and scheduling issues.

With specific respect to popular transparent finishes found on veneer doors, it is important to note that Lynden Door UV cured transparent urethane finishes:

  • do not affect flame spread
  • offer "excellent" resistance to abrasion; wear; yellowing ; solvents; staining; heat and household chemicals (please see the attached technical data comparison sheet for details)
  • are cured with ultra violet lights and produce no VOC emissions

It's worth noting too that the typical transparent door finish coatings specified or preferred in modern construction have higher concentrations of water than in years gone by. These water-borne systems are difficult to apply and cure on site and in some cases, where heavy flood coats are applied, can actually adversely affect the door face and/or overall door performance.

"Water-borne systems are difficult to apply and cure on site . . . "

For these reasons, Lynden Door has created a comprehensive finishing capability that includes:

  • factory primed molded panel and flush hardboard doors
  • factory painted (non metal marring) molded panel and flush hardboard doors
  • Pacific Collection selection of seven pre-set stain colors, applied to any natural veneer. Pacific Collection applications include stain and transparent top coat. Choosing one of our seven standard stain colors gives you the assurance of a uniform finish and reduced lead times (as compared to custom color matches.)
  • Custom stain. Please submit a minimum 3" X 4" color sample.
  • UV cured urethane transparent finish

The Pacific Collection features an array of premium finishes surpassing the highest industry standards. Our factory finishes are applied by skilled technicians in a tightly controlled production environment and exceed TR-6, AWI UV cured specifications, the architectural industry standard.

"Lynden Door factory applied UV cured transparent urethane finishes meet or exceed the AWS System 9 (WDMA TR-6)"

Please see the attached January 2011 data comparison sheet for a detailed analysis of this high grade architectural clear coat finish.