Green Characteristics: All Molded Door Models

Imbedded Environmental Characteristics in Molded High Density Fiberboard Doors

While it may not be immediately apparent, the popular molded door sold by Lynden Door is actually a terrific green choice. Take a look at the environmental aspects of this high value door:

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Facings Contain:

  • NO old growth timber
  • NO added urea-formaldehyde*
  • Wood chips generated as residual waste from sawmill operations
  • Field chips generated as a byproduct of logging operations that would otherwise be left to rot or be hauled to a landfill
  • Lynden Door molded facings are coated with a factory-applied low VOC* primer

Hollow Core Doors:

  • Finger jointed and/or composite internal blocking – these carefully produced solid wood substitutes uphold the practices of Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Solid Core Doors:

  • Low formaldehyde and VOC* emissions (exceed CARB* standards)




Options   Additionally, several excellent GreenDor®*** options are available:

  • A low-cost option for standard Hollow Core doors is to upgrade vertical stiles to solid wood and change the lock block to a no-added urea-formaldehyde composite, resulting in a NAUF door – the utmost in indoor air quality. This door construction meets or exceeds common environmental standards such as LEED for Homes and National Association of Home Builders
  • Solid wood particle cores with no added urea-formaldehyde (NAUF)*
  • FSC-certified* internal stiles, rails and blocking
  • FSC-certified* solid wood particle cores

*A complete glossary of green terms may be found at

** Each year, our molded door facings supplier hires a third-party testing agency to certify the exact amount of pre-consumer recycled materials that go into the production of door facings for our molded doors. These levels are subject to change, year to year, as sources of raw materials change. We post each year's results to our website as soon as they are made available.

*** GreenDor® is our name for the variety of environmental options that are available for Lynden Door products.