Mixed Use

Lynden Door knows well the blended project portfolios of mixed-use developers and thrives on serving every single aspect


Larger mixed-use projects can easily contain four completely separate market segments, from commercial on the ground floor, hospitality directly above with office and residential rising even higher. And no one mixed-use project looks like another, with some designed with economy a focus and others with high-end luxury a goal. Lynden Door’s single-source offerings span the breadth of every market and provide interior door solutions for every need possible, from standard options to architectural construction—from the first floor all the way up to the highest high-rise.


Chose the right door construction for your Multi-Family project


Your Mixed Use project has specific needs, both functionally and architecturally. At Lynden Door we manufacture to every one of those interior door needs. No matter the solution right for your project, we design and build interior doors to enhance the value of your project.

Our expertise in engineering solutions for specific markets and projects has allowed us the privilege of designing doors for an array of projects around the world while learning new ways to meet the next building challenge. Explore examples of our abilities and discover ideas showing how Lynden Door can bring your project the right interior door solution.

South Lake Union


Already the Vulcan-owned South Lake Union Discovery Center has won multiple awards for its design and construction.

Shaw Tower Mixed Use Project

SHAW Tower

The Shaw Tower features 24 stories of luxury condos on top of 16 stories of offices and is one of Vancouver's tallest buildings. Lynden Door provided plain sliced, clear finished walnut doors.

Jameson House Mixed Use Project

Jameson House

The Jameson House offers 23 floors of apartments rising above offices and shops. Lynden Door provided a mix of painted prefinished hardboard interior doors and solid core fir interior doors.

Choose the Interior door for your mixed-use project

The power of understanding every market segment enables Lynden Door to manufacture for your need. From economy to upscale luxury, boutique or mid-scale, we have your interior door solution.

Make your project sustainable

Lynden Door understands the value of sustainable building, a process we’ve engineered in from the beginning design, whether the way we source wood, manufacture doors or finish the doors to a variety of specifications.