Quarter Sliced Sapele

Style: Veneer


Quarter Sliced Sapele door skins are quarter sawn and pre-graded prior to door construction before final shipment to minimize face defects.

Quarter Sliced gives a narrow striped or ribbon pattern when the log is sliced into veneers.

Quarter Sliced Sapele veneer flitches from Lynden Door are book matched, where every other piece of veneer is turned over so adjacent pages are opened like two adjacent pages in a book. The veneer joints match, creating a mirrored image pattern at the joint line.

Available in standard 6’8”, 7’ and 8’ passage and bifold sizes, hollow or solid core construction – 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″ thick.

Light sanding recommended prior to finishing.

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Contact your Lynden Door distributor to source matching frames and casing.