Lynden Door flush veneer clad doors are available across the range of Series (SD/Residential, CD, LD and IC). Multiple veneers are available laid up on substrates that meet a variety of needs, preferences and specifications.

In general, veneer doors fall into three basic classifications, with some overlap between the classes:

  • Residential (see standard, stocked residential veneer selection, below)
  • Light Commercial - numerous species and a full range of cut, match and lay-up selections
  • Architectural - numerous species and a full range of cut, match and lay-up selections

Mahogany (Lauan)     Quarter Sliced Sapele     Roatary Natural Birch

Uniform Light Birch     Rotary White Maple     Plain Sliced Red Oak

L-R, top to bottom - Mahogany (Lauan), Quarter Sliced Sapele, Rotary Natural Birch, Uniform Light Birch, Rotary White Maple, Plain Sliced Red Oak.

Veneers look rich and lustrous with a Lynden Door factory applied transparent urethane finish. A great choice, as it adds durability and seals the door, all six sides. Clear coated doors lend a unique European flair to painted jambs and casings - an eclectic look that works in equally well traditional or modernist decor.

  A remodelers dream - no muss, no fuss! (Sapele shown)


Once the Series has been chosen, Standard (SD), Commercial (CD), Architectural (LD), Interior Commercial (ID) - decisions can be made on the exact veneer specifications:

Veneer Species: Domestic, Import, Hardwood, Softwood, Bamboo, Reconstituted Wood

Veneer Cut: Flat, Quarter, Rift, Comb Grain (limited availability), Rotary

Veneer Match: Book, Slip, Random, Balance, Center, Running, Pair, Mirror & End (transom doors only.) NOTE: Please consult the factory concerning horizontal grain PAIR-MATCHED sets.

Veneer Lay Up: Vertical, Horizontal, Sketchface (opposing grains), Diagonal (special request)

Please see the helpful documents attached below for more detailed explanations of veneer selection and handling. (Page 3: Face Veneer Specifications, Page 4: Face Veneer Appearance, Page 5: Matching of Veneer Pieces, Page 6: Assembly of Veneer on Faces)

Following veneer selection, decisions on other door attributes: cores, edges, GreenDor options, machining, finishing, glazing, etc. may be made.