Molded High Density Fiberboard




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Molded high density fiberboard skins are offered in five different textured doorskin profiles and ten distinct smooth surfaced profiles. Please note that three of our designs, the Craftsman, the Madison and the Conmore, feature a true recessed panel - uncommon for molded panel doors. These recessed doors are a great fit for traditional decors and form the Craftsman Collection of molded panel doors. The Craftsman and the Madison feature a sharp, bevelled edge ofr the recessed portion of the profile, while the Conmore offers a stepped reduction.

Simple, Shaker inspired sticking detail that makes this model suitable for decors from Craftsman to Contemporary.




Smooth Models - Hover over drawings for model name

All Lynden Door molded panel doors offer these these benefits:

Trouble-free Performance. No cracking or panel separation due to seasonal humidity changes means no repairs, repainting or replacing.

Value. Attractive, reliable door models with a great price.

Selection. With ten smooth surface molded designs and five textured, all available with matching bifolds, a design is made to suit virtually every taste and decor. Plus, Lynden Door is the only major molded panel door maker to offer all patterns in hollow core, solid core and 20-minute fire rated. Doors are available in 1-3/8" and 1-3/4" thicknesses and a wide range of popular sizes. Factory prime painted and finish painted options are available. Colonist models may be ordered with Mesa or Natural factory stain finishes. Colonist models may also be made in a "commercial" version for greater durability in high-traffic environments.

See the entire collection with individual LINE DRAWINGS and facing specifications here:

Green. No old growth timber is harvested for the manufacture of our molded skin designs. Instead, by-products from sawmill operations are used to convert waste into door facings (door skins). Molded doors FACINGS contain significant quantities of recycled content. The exact amount varies from year-to-year due to changing sources of supply. Furthermore, Lynden Door molded door skins contain no added urea formaldehyde and as such, support a healthy indoor environment with better air quality.

Open Your Future. Whether you seek a uniformly themed design or if you are going for a more eclectic look, Lynden Door's extensive selection and careful attention to detail will serve you. Expand your thinking with attention to detail and designs that offer doors as a significant and powerful element in your decor.