STC Rated Doors

Sound Transmission Class (STC) Rated Doors are regulated and administered in a manner similar to fire doors. That is, door core manufacturers are required to submit cores for a test and once they have passed that test, may license fabricators like Lynden Door to produce acoustical doors under manufacturer test auspices.

Doors are available that meet STC 35 E90-04 - Operable; STC 38 E90-04 - Operable; STC 40 ASTM E90-04 - Operable; STC 41 ASTM E90-04 - Operable; STC 42 ASTM E90-04 - Operable; STC 45 ASTM E90-04 - Operable; and STC 46 ASTM E90-04 - Operable.

The Test Reports for STC 41 doors are ATI No. 94453.01C2, 94453.01C5, & 94453.01D5. For STC 42 it is 94453.01C2.  The Test Reports for STC 45 are ATI No. 94453.01D1, 94453.01D10, & A9041.01B. For STC 46 it is ATI No.  94453.01D2, 94453.01D3, & 94453.01D6.


Lynden Door has a growing list of STC doors, including:

LDSD35 SR-5, LDSD35NAUF SR-5, LDSD38 SR-5, LDSD40 SR-5, LDSD41 SR-5, LDSD42 SR-5, LDSD45 SR-5 and LDSD46 SR-5,  and LD60SR FD-60-5

Please see PDF links below and be sure to check with the door professionals at Lynden Door for more information.